Parkside Primary School

Dream, believe... achieve --- RĂªver, croire... atteindre


Statement of Intent - History

At Parkside School we will foster a love of history as we learn about the lives of people and communities in the past. We will learn about the history of Britain and our local communities as well as history from the wider world. We will encourage children to understand their own histories and how then past will affect their present. We will promote historical skills such as asking perceptive questions, analysing evidence from primary and secondary sources, thinking critically, creating arguments for and against and debating ideas.

Statement of Intent - Geography

At Parkside School we teach our children to have good knowledge and understanding of the world around them and the local community in which they live.

We aim to teach our children life-long geographical skills such as map reading and locating countries. We explore human aspects of geography, such as learning about other countries, their beliefs and how they are all interlinked in modern day society. We also study aspects of physical geography too; for example climate change and natural landmarks such as volcanoes, rivers and mountains.

We will promote environmental welfare and awareness, through the coverage of worldwide issues such as recycling. It is our aim that our children grow into responsible adults who protect our planet for future generations.