Parkside Primary School

Dream, believe... achieve --- RĂªver, croire... atteindre


Statement of Intent - History

At Parkside School we aim to foster pupils’ curiosity about the past as they learn about the lives of people and communities in the past, both in Britain and the wider world. We want children to understand how history, relationships, cultures, religions and diverse societies from the past have shaped the present. We aim to develop historical skills such as asking perceptive questions, analysing evidence from primary and secondary sources, thinking critically and creating arguments for and against and debating ideas. Our curriculum delivery is designed to promote a sense of chronology so that children develop a sense of history and when key events took place.

Statement of Intent - Geography

One of our curriculum drivers here at Parkside is Knowledge and Understanding of the World, through which we aim to inspire children’s natural curiosity for learning about the diverse world we live in. Pupils are encouraged to celebrate diversity and feel confident to challenge stereotypes. Through the school’s unique curriculum themes, we want to provide children with the knowledge and understanding of physical and human influences and their effects on the planet over time. Our learning aims to promote children’s understanding of their roles and responsibilities as members of a global community, this is encapsulated in another of our key drivers, Caring for Others and the Environment. We aim to help the children of Parkside to develop a range of geographical skills which will fully prepare them for a future in an ever-changing world.

Have a look at the 'What are we learning?' section on each year group's page to see what they are covering in Geography and History.