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  2. 03/03/2020 - For your information: Chicken Pox

03/03/2020 - For your information: Chicken Pox

8 November 2019 (by Mrs Atkinson (parksidepri))

We have had confirmed cases of chicken pox in school. If you are pregnant and have not had chicken pox you should get advice from your GP or midwife immediately even if you have no rash or other symptoms. If:

  • You are pregnant and you know that you haven’t had chickenpox or you are not sure, and
  • You have been near someone with chickenpox or shingles. Significant contact is being described as being in the same room as someone with the symptoms of chickenpox for 15 minutes or more, or face-to-face contact.

 *This advice has been taken from the NHS website.